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easyJet and London fashion week

Do you know that easyJet and Ada Zantidon has teamed up with London fashion week? It is your chance to win a ticket or a goodie bag at the London fashions week this September. What are you waiting for? Join the competition!

This is what I’d take for a trip to Palma, Majorca with easyJet holidays.

20120831-041845 PM.jpg

Shop the look:
AWEAR Black super stretch skinny jeans
AWEAR Gold sequin peplum top
PRADA sunglasses
LABEL LAB Twist dress
TOPSHOP Paradis premium angular heel
Stella McCartney Fallabella triple handle bag
TOPSHOP bikini

Imagine wearing the white colour bikini with a statement sunglasses walking along the beach, blending into the backdrop. The golden peplum top is so trendy and yet so easy to wear with a practical black skinny jeans. Again, the structured top is prefect for photo shoots in Palma which is characteristically architectural. Then, the one piece twisted dress paired with angular heel for chic evening dining.


20120830-013356 PM.jpg

How do you play with your baby?
My boy gets very excited when he takes his bath. He loves sitting on his little chair and watch CBeeBies. Recently, he enjoys interacting with other adults. I also give him 20 mins “tummy time” a day to help him learn to crawl.

Post natal figure

20120829-061505 PM.jpg

Four months after having my baby, I have lost most of my pregnancy weight without being on a diet at all. However, I have noticed my body shape has changed. I no longer have a flat stomach, my body and my hips are wider. I still carry an extra six pounds compared to pre-pregnancy. I guessed I am considered one of the luckier mom who has not got more than twenty pounds to lose, but that does not mean I should be complacent. Surely, I am still allowed to lust after a Victoria Secret body.

According to The Gentle First Year by Gowri Motha, if you do not lose your Post natal weight by the time your baby is nine months old, you will be carrying that extra pound forever. By the time second baby arrive, the extra weight will probably triple as a result of pregnancy hormone and decreased metabolism as we age according to The Best Friend’s Guide to Babies by Vicki Iovine. I.e. 6 lbs gained from first pregnancy + 7 lbs gained from second pregnancy + 4 lbs gained for every 5 years we aged = 16 lbs gained!!!

Currently, I am trying out Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy Workout. Hopefully, some miracle would happen and I could get my pre-pregnancy figure back or even better.

On the practical side, perhaps I could ask Jenny Craig’s new blog a password to the following question:
How do I lose the stubborn six pounds gained from pregnancy without being on a diet?

Thank you.

Fashion for first time mum

20120828-092430 PM.jpg

Shop the look: Carvela Annie’s CourtArmani Jeans patent logo toteMary Portas leather snake skirtVILA sequin sleeveless topWAREHOUSE contrast lace jacketPANDORA grand pearl stud earring L.K. Bennett pave enamel ring

These fifty shades inspired pieces are sexy, feminine and elegant. The accessories are minimal suitable for the statement clothing. Stylish and nice size tote bag great for all mum and baby essentials. Versatile can be worn for work or party.

Hello world!

Hello, welcome to my blog. I have always wanted to have my own blog but was too busy with write one. I had my first baby four months ago and started itching on the idea of blogging again. With some spare time at my fingertips I decided to try my luck!