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Four months after having my baby, I have lost most of my pregnancy weight without being on a diet at all. However, I have noticed my body shape has changed. I no longer have a flat stomach, my body and my hips are wider. I still carry an extra six pounds compared to pre-pregnancy. I guessed I am considered one of the luckier mom who has not got more than twenty pounds to lose, but that does not mean I should be complacent. Surely, I am still allowed to lust after a Victoria Secret body.

According to The Gentle First Year by Gowri Motha, if you do not lose your Post natal weight by the time your baby is nine months old, you will be carrying that extra pound forever. By the time second baby arrive, the extra weight will probably triple as a result of pregnancy hormone and decreased metabolism as we age according to The Best Friend’s Guide to Babies by Vicki Iovine. I.e. 6 lbs gained from first pregnancy + 7 lbs gained from second pregnancy + 4 lbs gained for every 5 years we aged = 16 lbs gained!!!

Currently, I am trying out Tracy Anderson’s Post Pregnancy Workout. Hopefully, some miracle would happen and I could get my pre-pregnancy figure back or even better.

On the practical side, perhaps I could ask Jenny Craig’s new blog a password to the following question:
How do I lose the stubborn six pounds gained from pregnancy without being on a diet?

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Post natal figure

  1. Jenny Craig UK

    Hello! Here’s the answer from our Jenny Craig experts to your question:
    How do I lose the stubborn six pounds gained from pregnancy without being on a diet?
    Pregnancy weight can be particularly stubborn, but with our one month programme should be able to lose this weight. We’ll provide all your meals and snacks, so all you need to do is follow our menu. And a weekly chat with one of our consultants will ensure that you get the tailored advice and support you need to lose the weight AND keep it off.

    1. firsttimemumblog Post author

      Hello Raul,

      Thank you for your reply and I am glad to hear that it can be hard to lose pregnancy weight. I am actually almost 28 days into the Jenny Craig trial and am very impressed I have lost 1/3 of the excess weight so far!


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