Five Sources of Parenting Tips for First Time Mum

20120908-101715 AM.jpg

I am by no means a parenting expert as I have only been a mum for four months myself, but these are five sources I refer to whenever I have questions about caring for my baby.

1) The Internet
Make sure you go for a reliable source, for example the NHS website, Netmum and Baby Centre. Baby Centre is my favourite site for parenting information as they are concise and precise. Searches I have done so far are “Baby led feeding”, “Is it okay to leave baby in car seat after a trip”, “reusable or single use nappy”, “weaning”, “baby’s head turning from left to right repeatedly” and et cetera.

2) Your Local Library
I love going out for a walk with my baby to pick up a couple of parenting books from my local library.

3) Other Mums
Your might not adopt your mum or mum-in-law’s parenting style to a 100%, but they are a good source of information too. I am sure they do have some useful tips for you. My mum taught me to inform my baby when I transfer him from my arm to his cot so he does not wake up shocked being in a different place and it seems to work. I learnt from another mum in church to cover baby’s eyes with muslin clothe to help them sleep (it is important to use muslin clothe as the tiny holes prevent baby from suffocating should it cover their nose in their sleep).

4) The Health Visitor
Whenever you bring your young baby to for weighing in the baby clinic, do not hesitate to ask any questions you might have about your baby. The health visitor would be more than willing to answer your questions or direct you to the appropriate sources. Once, my health visitor suggested me bringing my boy to the GP as his skin is very dry and irritated without me even asking. I am glad she did because now my baby is no longer scratching his face.

5) The Pharmacist or GP
If you are ever worried about your baby’s health, you can always pop into your local chemist or pharmacy for free advice or see your GP.


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