I need My Organized Chaos

20120923-031022 PM.jpg

Click here for My Organized Chaos link.

You can enter their competition to win an e-course to help organise chaos you have at home.

We just had a baby and this has added extra things like buggy, baby cot, baby gym,baby walker, baby clothes and toys to our already disorganised house. Me and my husband have even considered having an extension to our house to help with the storage problem we have at home. Little did I know there is actually an e-course to help solve our nightmare and what more a chance to WIN it!

This is a book I recently borrowed from the library before discovering about this competition. I had flip through it but I have not been inspired to improve my current disorganised chaos situation.

20120923-032232 PM.jpg

I am allowed to upload upto three photos to show them why I should win the 6 weeks e-course worth $249 and these are my photos:

20120923-062515 PM.jpg

This one is by far my worst nightmare in our house. Our baby clothes has been there in several paper bags on the floor since the day we come home from the hospital 21 weeks ago! As his clothe size changes month by month, I find it difficult to tidy, so I ended up just put those one he can wear out and those one he could not wear anymore or could not wear yet in other bags or boxes out of reach.

20120923-035257 PM.jpg
This is a panoramic view of my second nightmare, the kitchen where we spend a lot of time in. Things are splayed all over the table surfaces. I just cannot seem to keep it cleared with only the toaster and kettle in view like how other kitchen looked. This picture certainly put me up for shame as I aspire to be a perfect housewife.

20120923-041550 PM.jpg
Last, but does not mean my least chaotic place is our front entrance. How I wish I could get rid of the shoe rack to make our house more welcoming. At the moment I cannot even push the baby pram into the house. I have to stand outside in the cold to dissemble the pram before squeaking into the house. The collage is just so you could see my cloak room and storage room is filled with boxes and old luggages so I could not shift the shoe rack out of sight. We have gone as far as storing our bike in the toilet! As well as the pram next to our dining table. Help! We really need a miracle.

Thank you for reading and hope you are not too shocked. 😉


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