Jenny Craig for first time mum

20120927-055128 PM.jpg

Hooray, the Jenny Craig food hamper arrived today. There are so much food I am starting to feel like I am not going to be on a diet at all. I have to keep reminding myself this has to last 28 days. Anyway, even for 28 days, isn’t that still a plenty of food? Other than the impeccably packed breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack, the hamper also includes a half cup spoon to make sure you have enough of your veg and a Jenny Craig guide folder. Of course, that’s shopping done for a month too!

I am thinking who wants to have meal replacement protein shake when you can have all that yummy food? Real food like tuna pasta salad, beef casserole, chicken and potato and loads more! Oh, and I forgot to mention first thing that caught my eye was the chocolate cereal bar and it tasted heavenly (yup, I ate it and surprisingly filling as well, is this just in my mind?)!


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