First time mum Day 1 on Jenny Craig

20120928-095714 PM.jpg

Okay, I almost did it. I almost followed my Jenny Craig’s tailored menu to a T. I had the breakfast, lunch, the three snacks, but then when it comes to dinner time I had my home cooked sweet and sour chicken with my hubby instead. Other “unplanned” food I had was a cookie and an extra helping of fruit and yogurt. To me, that is still a healthy day compared to my normal day when I could be eating pastry and chocolate for lunch! Well, I shall ask whether this is okay when I speak to one of Jenny Craig’s consultant next week.

I have to say day 1 Jenny Craig did not feel like being on diet at all. The prescribed menu made me less likely to snack on unhealthy food because I looked forward to what I will be eating next.

Last night, I had my favourite Bara Chirashi (cold sushi rice and sashimi) and spider maki for dinner before commencing on Jenny Craig. Eating out of course, I did not make such nice feast on my own. 😉

20120928-101055 PM.jpg


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