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How to create a Halloween Fridge

Printers are life savers for times when you need last minute deco without stepping out of the house. Not only that, having a printer at home saves me from walking to the library and queuing for my turn to print my assignment in Uni. Now I am a mum, I use it for printing out last minute travel bookings which are normally cheaper. If I could print a ticket for anything it has to be a round-the-world trip for the family! Oh, and one day when 3D printer becomes household appliances I will be printing my own designers jewellery, handbags and shoes. I don’t think any women could be living without a printer by then, could you?

This year’s Halloween, I have used a wig, a skull, fake blood tainted gloves and egg carton as well as lots of printable to create a horror scene for my fridge.

I got my bat, black cat mask and bones printable from Mr. Printable. You can also find lots of masks, figures and bunting from Kodak Halloween Printable . They are all free to download for personal use!

20121031-014145 PM.jpg

Printing nightmares does happen. Have you ever taken forever to connect the printer? After finding the right cable and everything, checked the printer’s on, paper’s in and ink’s been replaced recently, only to find there is no print for your last minute ticket because your husband accidentally pressed print 1000 instead of 10 copies yesterday!

Here are my printing tips:
– Do not leave your tea or coffee anywhere near your printer.
– Use genuine cartridges so your printer won’t spoil.
– I know it can be expensive to replace colour cartridges so choose a printer with a lower cost cartridge, but whichever cartridges you need *Cartridge Save has them.
– Consider a WiFi printer (e.g. Kodak Hero) so you do not have to worry about the cables and connections.
– Lastly, no husband allowed near printer.

* Cartridge Save is the UK’s largest online printer cartridge retailer and a Times Fast Track 100 company. Cartridge Save provides 6,700 compatible and genuine cartridges from 34 different brands, a price promise, free next-day delivery and has achieved 5-star ratings on shopzilla, eKomi and Google shopper.


Our first Buggyfit session

Hi all, how is Monday treating you?

We had a very productive morning so far, going to our first Buggyfit session. I had a very good workout whilst baby had some fresh air in the park.

20121029-034554 PM.jpg

Here is a brief description of how the session was like.

Warm up walking whilst pushing pram, some leg excises

Workout sprinting, squats, stomach workout, running uphill

Cool down stretching

By the end of the one hour session, I was sweating and out of breathe.

If you need some motivation to stop being a couch potato:
I have met a super fit mum who is 27 weeks pregnant and pushing her 2 years old, mum with twins, mums with baby and toddler, new mums 4 months old baby, mum of a toddler who just completed a half marathon. So, we have no more excuse to not exercise, right?

Isn’t that a genius way to incorporate exercise into the week? If you are a new mums like me who is thinking of getting fitter or ridding off some excess pregnancy weight, someone brilliant out there has thought it out for us all. To start off, try to walk in the park or do your shopping with your baby in the pram. If you like a trial Buggyfit session, I got my free pass from Heinz Baby Club. You have to be a member first but signing up is easy. However, remember you have to get green light from your GP before you embark on any exercise after birth, especially if you had a C-section.

Good luck, everyone!

6 things we learned from Discovery Tots

We went our very first taster session of discovery tots. We were a little bit late, otherwise baby and me had a great hour! This is what we have discovered together.

20121026-015631 PM.jpg

1. Fibre optic light Flickr photo from therubberduckie
2. Bubbles Flickr photo by silly_a1804
3. Sing along! Flickr photo from all that improbable blue
4. Baby yoga Flickr photo from activioslo
5. Peek-a-boo Flickr photo from OhKyleL
6. Talking Totsy monkey photo from Tots Play

Homemade Halloween Baby Costume for £1.70

Here is what you need to make a baby halloween costume at home for only £1.70!

20121024-054005 PM.jpg

You need
A baby bodysuit
6 bright papers A4 size (2 orange, 2 yellow and 2 green)
3 baby wipes
Double sided tape

Tools you will need
Felt tips pen
Dark colour ribbons
Green and orange paint (to dye the baby wipes)

The A4 size bright colour pad is from Amazon (£1.90 for 50 sheets), so £0.20 for 6 sheets.
I got my baby wipes from Tesco, they are less than 1p per sheet, so £0.03 for 3 sheets.
The double sided tape is from Amazon, it cost £1.95 but you will only be using some, so I assume it is £0.20.
My baby bodysuit is from Mothercare (£9 for 7 suits), so £1.28 per bodysuit. You can save on the cost by using bodysuit you already have at home. (In which case means your Halloween outfit cost less than 50p!)
Total cost is (£0.20 + £0.03 + £0.20 + £1.28 =) £1.71

20121024-071032 PM.jpg

Instructions (Read diagram clockwise)
Fold two sheets of orange paper into half and cut out half a fish shape and some little triangles in the middle. You will get two symmetrical fishes one for the front and one for the back of the bodysuit. Add some details onto the fishes by using a felt tip pen.
Glued the fish shape onto a yellow colour sheet, then cut the edges off the yellow sheet.
Fold two sheets of green papers into half and cut into a grass shape like shown in the diagram. Attach the papers onto the bodysuit by using double sided tape.
To make the wasabi, dye baby wipe with green paint; to make ginger (gari), dye baby wipes with orange paint.
Add dark colour ribbon in the middle (that’s the seaweed to secure the fish onto the sushi rice).

If you have any homemade halloween costume ideas, you can enter the #homemadehalloween competition by blogging about how you made your costume and how much it will cost. Hurry, before 12pm on 5th November!

Hope you have a good time trick or treat!