First time mum visited Cornwall with five months old

This is our second trip travelling locally after having our baby. Yes, it can be tiring travelling like this but it is doable and can be just as fun if you factor in more time into all the travel plans.

This time, we stayed at Travelodge in St. Austell for two nights. The room was tidy and clean. There was a kettle for me to sterilise milk bottles. I could transport the pram from ground floor to third floor easily using the lift and there were plenty of free car parking spaces provided.

From St. Austell, we traveled about 40miles to St. Ives. We also stopped by a few places including Land’s End of course. We were really lucky as weather was superb this weekend.

I cannot leave without having Cornish pastries and ice-cream in St. Ives (I had to put my Jenny Craig plan on hold for this weekend away. I am not going to look at the scale anytime soon.)

20121007-113347 PM.jpg

I forgot to take photo under the Land’s End poplar sign and forgot to bring coins to pay for parking so had to pay extra £1.70 to withdraw some cash.

20121007-113604 PM.jpg

We had early bird dinner at The Loft and Terrace Restaurant in St. Ives on our way back to St. Austell and parked at the same place nearby the restaurant. Be warned there is a flight of stairs to the restaurant so be prepared to carry the pram up (ours was quite heavy). My little boy did a poop (I know, I know, eyes roll) just before we head back to our hostel and I was so glad to find a baby changing room in the car parking area. (Top photo featured view from the restaurant; bottom four are their yummilicious food)

20121007-114818 PM.jpg

All in all, it was a wonderful trip and it was made extra special because I found out I won the BritMums Kodak Avengers challenge on the same day.

Lesson learnt – bring more coins!


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