Who fights the monster under the cot?

20121014-020939 PM.jpg

Click here for more information on how to enter Blog and win a monster free bed with Warren Evans.

20121013-112401 PM.jpg

Meet Danny’s soft toys – Wild Bunny, Eeyore, Mr. Penguin, the White Bear and Cheerful Giraffe. All these little characters stays with him in his cot to keep him safe at night.

20121014-015110 PM.jpg

So, who fights the monster under the cot? Well, the bunny, donkey, penguin and little bear fought the monster whilst Danny wrestled with the giraffe. He was so busy chewing the giraffe’s ear, pulling its tail or tugging its legs, no wonder he was oblivious to the monster and dozed off eventually.

20121014-020547 PM.jpg

20121014-020939 PM.jpg


2 thoughts on “Who fights the monster under the cot?

  1. thebeesleybuzz

    i’m planning to enter this one too – still haven’t got around to it – but i know just which monster-fighting hero it will be about! x

  2. firsttimemum

    Yes, it will be a fun one to enter I think. It only takes a few minutes to take the photos. I will be keeping them till my boy is much older for him to see. How I wished I have a photo of my childhood monster fighting hero. (And my husband’s one my MIL told me about!) good luck xx


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