FTM bulk prepared baby food for the first time

This is how I prepared four different baby purée at one go.

20121015-010930 PM.jpg

Easy steps:
1) Peel the skin off some apples, pears and sweet potatoes, chop into little chunks.
2) Use a steamer. Boil the sweet potato with water at the bottom and steam the apples and pears on the top two tiers.
3) Mash the apples, pears and sweet potatoes with a hand blender in three different bowls.
4) The mashed sweet potato was so yummy I stole some too.
5) Spoon the purée into ice cube tray. Wait for them to cool before freezing.
6) To make Apple & Pear with Cinnamon purée, just mix equal amount of apple and pear purée, a little apple juice or water and pinch of cinnamon.


2 thoughts on “FTM bulk prepared baby food for the first time

  1. thebeesleybuzz

    that’s a lovely idea to add a bit of cinnamon – get’s them used to lots of flavours. I have been so lazy with making my own purees this time round. For my eldest, he hardly had any baby jars from the shops, my middle child had a mix of home made and shop bought, my baby girl is mainly getting food from the shops! but there are a lot of lovely organic foods out there with great flavours so i’m trying not to feel too guilty. Well done you for getting so organised though! x

    1. firsttimemum

      Lol, I was buying the jars and packets too (I think the Ella’s one his favourite) but suddenly got the buzz to make a bulk one as it is cheaper. He still has so much left in the freezer. He still prefer his milk, but one more week he will be 6 months old – no more excuse to not have solid 😛


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