Homemade Halloween Baby Costume for £1.70

Here is what you need to make a baby halloween costume at home for only £1.70!

20121024-054005 PM.jpg

You need
A baby bodysuit
6 bright papers A4 size (2 orange, 2 yellow and 2 green)
3 baby wipes
Double sided tape

Tools you will need
Felt tips pen
Dark colour ribbons
Green and orange paint (to dye the baby wipes)

The A4 size bright colour pad is from Amazon (£1.90 for 50 sheets), so £0.20 for 6 sheets.
I got my baby wipes from Tesco, they are less than 1p per sheet, so £0.03 for 3 sheets.
The double sided tape is from Amazon, it cost £1.95 but you will only be using some, so I assume it is £0.20.
My baby bodysuit is from Mothercare (£9 for 7 suits), so £1.28 per bodysuit. You can save on the cost by using bodysuit you already have at home. (In which case means your Halloween outfit cost less than 50p!)
Total cost is (£0.20 + £0.03 + £0.20 + £1.28 =) £1.71

20121024-071032 PM.jpg

Instructions (Read diagram clockwise)
Fold two sheets of orange paper into half and cut out half a fish shape and some little triangles in the middle. You will get two symmetrical fishes one for the front and one for the back of the bodysuit. Add some details onto the fishes by using a felt tip pen.
Glued the fish shape onto a yellow colour sheet, then cut the edges off the yellow sheet.
Fold two sheets of green papers into half and cut into a grass shape like shown in the diagram. Attach the papers onto the bodysuit by using double sided tape.
To make the wasabi, dye baby wipe with green paint; to make ginger (gari), dye baby wipes with orange paint.
Add dark colour ribbon in the middle (that’s the seaweed to secure the fish onto the sushi rice).

If you have any homemade halloween costume ideas, you can enter the Moneysupermarket.com #homemadehalloween competition by blogging about how you made your costume and how much it will cost. Hurry, before 12pm on 5th November!

Hope you have a good time trick or treat!


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