Our first Buggyfit session

Hi all, how is Monday treating you?

We had a very productive morning so far, going to our first Buggyfit session. I had a very good workout whilst baby had some fresh air in the park.

20121029-034554 PM.jpg

Here is a brief description of how the session was like.

Warm up walking whilst pushing pram, some leg excises

Workout sprinting, squats, stomach workout, running uphill

Cool down stretching

By the end of the one hour session, I was sweating and out of breathe.

If you need some motivation to stop being a couch potato:
I have met a super fit mum who is 27 weeks pregnant and pushing her 2 years old, mum with twins, mums with baby and toddler, new mums 4 months old baby, mum of a toddler who just completed a half marathon. So, we have no more excuse to not exercise, right?

Isn’t that a genius way to incorporate exercise into the week? If you are a new mums like me who is thinking of getting fitter or ridding off some excess pregnancy weight, someone brilliant out there has thought it out for us all. To start off, try to walk in the park or do your shopping with your baby in the pram. If you like a trial Buggyfit session, I got my free pass from Heinz Baby Club. You have to be a member first but signing up is easy. However, remember you have to get green light from your GP before you embark on any exercise after birth, especially if you had a C-section.

Good luck, everyone!


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