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Let Your Imagination Flow

Tots100 has teamed up with Centre Parcs to challenge their bloggers to let their imagination flow and design a water ride their family would love.

20121128-035441 PM.jpg

Our little seven months old loves to play in the water. Without doubt, I think he would quite like to sit in the Floatie and float down this water ride with a gradual swirl.


Festive Gift Fair

20121125-103628 PM.jpg

Some pictures taken from the Festive Gift Fair in NEC Birmingham.

This time, we stayed at the Ramada Encore Hotel in NEC Birmingham. Again, they have lift and kettle. Clean and tidy so bringing a baby was not a problem. The best thing about living in this hotel was its five minutes walk away from the National Exhibition Centre. Just make sure you ask the receptionist exactly how to get INTO the halls. Or, you can jot down my direction if it make any sense to you at all – turn right directly from the reception of the hotel and walk straight until you see the back of the NEC hall number three, follow the blue pedestrian line on the right and you will see a skyway. You can use the lift to get up to the skyway. After that, just follow the sign and walk to the hall you want. (Thanks to my hubby, we walked the opposite way when we reached hall number three and ended up having to skirt the whole of the NEC to get to Hall 12, which took us 30 minutes. Good exercise though.)

Okay, what about the fair itself? I discovered a cool DIY nail art you can do at home called MoYou which got me excited all weekend. Basically, the set consists of a silicone stamp to transfer motif onto your nail, a few plates with different nail designs, a scraper and nail varnish. Psst.. I also found out them on Amazon.

A demo on my nail.

20121125-104136 PM.jpg

My husband was bored as he abhors shopping, but he instantly cheer up when he saw fictional characters on our way back.

The Stig driving our pram!

20121125-104455 PM.jpg

First time mum swimming with baby

20121125-091046 PM.jpg

Few things I learnt from swimming with my six months old
– Only change your baby into swimming nappy (I bought Boots own brand) in the swimming pool changing room if you do not want the urine leaking into car seats, at the lobby area and et. cetera.
– Apply emollient moderately and at your own risk. My baby has eczema and I applied some ointment on him before going into the pool but realised it was a bit too slippery, so I am going to apply less and be extra careful next time.
– If you have a wet suit, that’s even better as it can keep your baby warm.
– We went into the bigger pool first then into the warmer little pool after. Your baby might feel cold if you do it the other way round.
– Ask the life guard for a baby float as it is much easier than holding your baby at all times.

Grooving first time mum

My Button

This week in Kate says If you want to get ahead, get a hat! She encourages mums to start or continue their proactive journey towards a happier life in whatever way they see fit.

This week, I want to be proactive in

1) Keep up with exercise Last week, in my post Tiny Little Steps.. Groovy Mums, I started the exercise in ITV’s LBDD and I have been doing pretty well, ticking off lots of the 60 mins everyday activities and toning exercise. It really is possible even with a baby if I put a conscious effort to do it.

2) Healthy eating This one really is difficult, I have been indulging myself when eating out and it is difficult to resist to finish off the leftover brownies and crisp from our guests.

3) Exercise my fun muscle Exercise what? Fun muscle! I was inspired by Glasgow Mum’s 35 by 35 List and am going to write my own. I think mum tends to forget to have fun in the midst of juggling caring for others, household chores, work and et. cetera. Sometimes, having some fun can be beneficial to yourself and others too.

First cross off Have my nail painted! In my whole life, I can tell you I have only had my nails painted less than ten times! Last night, whilst my baby was asleep, I painted my nails!

20121121-021434 PM.jpg

I agree with what Kate’s mum said. We do not have to be so self conscious and always living in the fear of what others might think of us because at the end of the day, these people might not even notice wether we have had a hair cut (i.e. my other half) or had our nail painted.

Sometimes, get grooving is more fun when you do it with other mums. You can do so by linking up with Kate and others.

Tiny little steps … Groovy Mums

20121115-121853 PM.jpg

1) Get more active I find myself glued to the sofa more often ever since I started blogging. So, I am going to get more active with some help from the Little Black Dress planner downloaded from ITV Lorraine website.

2) Treat myself I am going to treat myself to clothing that fits me and that is within my budget. I live in a few basics when I was pregnant and found it difficult to go out and shop for new clothes as a mummy to a new born. Last week, I saw lots of online offers from fashion retailer and began my major fashion haul. Oooh.. It feels so satisfying.

3) Fish and Chips in moderation Well, chocolates, brownie, muffins and crisp in moderation too. I did learnt a thing or two from the 28 days trial from Jenny Craig (see my post here). I only had 6 pounds to lose, but like many new mum would tell you, it stayed on me very stubbornly. My JC consultant was over the moon when I got rid off the 6lbs towards the end of my 28 days trial. Three weeks has past since and I have “celebrated” by being a little too indulgent, hence the need to remind myself to less the sugar and up the activity.

If you are a mummy and would like to get your grove back, check out Kate’s How to be a Groovy Mum. After that you can link up on Groovy Mums to offer encouragement and to get inspiration from other grooving mums.

Nuby for First Time Mum

Door bell ring…

20121110-024833 PM.jpg

I felt weaning my fussy six months old has been a real challenge lately and was so pleased to receive these bunch of goodies from the lovely people from Nuby this morning. It has given me a lift, to add some fun into my effort to wean my baby boy. Let me share with you some photos of baby D using the different Nuby products.

20121110-030420 PM.jpg

Nuby’s First Cup has no leak and no spill, perfect for a six months old. It also has a screw on top which makes it easier for me to refill water or fluid. I love seeing my baby boy holding the cup himself and not worry about having to wipe up any spillage after. All these great benefits plus the cute designs too!

20121110-025259 PM.jpg

The Nibbler by Nuby is a life saver for a first time mum like me. My boy was finally eating his sweet potatoes on his own (under my supervision, of course)! It would have taken me an hour normally. This time, there is no mess as well. Heavenly!

Nuby also sell the Nibbler Nets (pack of 3) separately.

20121110-031350 PM.jpg

I totally heart the colour and modern design of this Nuby Natural Flex Orthodontic Soother and am glad they are designed to prevent dental problem in the future.

I was also sent a Nuby Snack Keeper which will help toddler to have their own food without pouring them all into the floor first. I will be trying this out in future when my baby boy gets a bit older (or use it to hide my Maltesers from my OH for now ;-))