BritMums Aunt Bessie’s #HalfTermFood Linky Challenge

Half term means no mum & baby group meeting and no discovery tots classes so we ended up staying at home more than normal. I have prepared something quick and healthy at home instead of driving through McDonalds for my quick fix.

Ta Dah, here is my menu

20121107-112958 AM.jpg

I have chosen the ham and pea soup as starter because it is nice to fill up the tummy with something warm first, then enjoy the crispy open sandwich topped with poached egg and smoked salmon which is so satisfying. I think watercress and smoked salmon are match made in heaven. The pungent smell of watercress contrast the woody smell of smoked salmon and every time I bite on it, it burst with juiciness.

20121105-061934 PM.jpg

A meal is not complete without something sweet at the end – dessert! I have chosen Aunt Bessie’s perfect pancakes. Just add honey, cinnamon and blueberries. You get the goodness of honey, antioxidant from the blueberries whilst devouring its sweetness and comforted by the carbohydrate from the pancake. Don’t forget to add cinnamon as it has a calming effect on your blood sugar level, which makes you crave less for sugary things after.

My menu is super easy and quick. It can be prepared in just under 10 minutes. You can pick up tinned soup, smoked salmon, watercress salad, blueberries and Aunt Bessie’s perfect pancakes from the supermarket. The only cooking involves poaching an egg (2 mins), plus microwaving the soup (3 mins) and pancake (1.5 minutes).

Most importantly, the menu is a healthy balanced meal which contain carbohydrate, protein, vegetable, fruits and little fats. Delicious, satisfying and guilt-free!

This post is an entry for the #halftermfood Linky on BritMums.



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