Fantastic Fashion Gift for £35 or less

My top five fashion gifts under £35. I have sourced these gift using

20121109-105251 PM.jpg

1) BOULANGERIE BAG from Culture Vulture. £29.00

2) Violent Lips Silver Glitterati from HQHair. £10.80

3) Knitted Cotton Necklace from Etsy. £25.00

4) Red “SNOG” embroidered nappa lipstick case from LassoTheMoon. £18.50

5) ASOS Skater Dress With Chiffon Collar And Belt from ASOS. £22.00 £15.00 You can also purchase ASOS gift voucher from Gift Voucher.

My top 5 jewellery gifts under £35. I have also sourced these from

20121109-111728 PM.jpg

1) Geometric Silver Earrings from Ginger Pickle. £30.00

2) Pearl Shadow Ivory Drop Earrings from Ella Georgia. £17.50

3) Diamante Daisy Brooch from £9.50

4) Gold Silk And Silver Friendship Bracelet from £12.99

5) Bright yellow heart necklace with bright blue elasticated cord from £30.00

20121109-093415 PM.jpg

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