Nuby for First Time Mum

Door bell ring…

20121110-024833 PM.jpg

I felt weaning my fussy six months old has been a real challenge lately and was so pleased to receive these bunch of goodies from the lovely people from Nuby this morning. It has given me a lift, to add some fun into my effort to wean my baby boy. Let me share with you some photos of baby D using the different Nuby products.

20121110-030420 PM.jpg

Nuby’s First Cup has no leak and no spill, perfect for a six months old. It also has a screw on top which makes it easier for me to refill water or fluid. I love seeing my baby boy holding the cup himself and not worry about having to wipe up any spillage after. All these great benefits plus the cute designs too!

20121110-025259 PM.jpg

The Nibbler by Nuby is a life saver for a first time mum like me. My boy was finally eating his sweet potatoes on his own (under my supervision, of course)! It would have taken me an hour normally. This time, there is no mess as well. Heavenly!

Nuby also sell the Nibbler Nets (pack of 3) separately.

20121110-031350 PM.jpg

I totally heart the colour and modern design of this Nuby Natural Flex Orthodontic Soother and am glad they are designed to prevent dental problem in the future.

I was also sent a Nuby Snack Keeper which will help toddler to have their own food without pouring them all into the floor first. I will be trying this out in future when my baby boy gets a bit older (or use it to hide my Maltesers from my OH for now ;-))


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