Tiny little steps … Groovy Mums

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1) Get more active I find myself glued to the sofa more often ever since I started blogging. So, I am going to get more active with some help from the Little Black Dress planner downloaded from ITV Lorraine website.

2) Treat myself I am going to treat myself to clothing that fits me and that is within my budget. I live in a few basics when I was pregnant and found it difficult to go out and shop for new clothes as a mummy to a new born. Last week, I saw lots of online offers from fashion retailer and began my major fashion haul. Oooh.. It feels so satisfying.

3) Fish and Chips in moderation Well, chocolates, brownie, muffins and crisp in moderation too. I did learnt a thing or two from the 28 days trial from Jenny Craig (see my post here). I only had 6 pounds to lose, but like many new mum would tell you, it stayed on me very stubbornly. My JC consultant was over the moon when I got rid off the 6lbs towards the end of my 28 days trial. Three weeks has past since and I have “celebrated” by being a little too indulgent, hence the need to remind myself to less the sugar and up the activity.

If you are a mummy and would like to get your grove back, check out Kate’s How to be a Groovy Mum. After that you can link up on Groovy Mums to offer encouragement and to get inspiration from other grooving mums.


15 thoughts on “Tiny little steps … Groovy Mums

  1. Kate on Thin Ice

    With a new baby, you are doing amazingly well to be even thinking about getting your groove back so celebrate that. Tapping into the Little Black Dress thing might be an idea for me too although more likely a very huge Black Dress lol! Good Luck on all fronts and look forward to getting to know you better.

    1. firsttimemumblog Post author

      I was out and about for 2 hours but also ended up entering more shops and buying more things than I planned! It is difficult to resist shopping when all you wanted to do is to get your exercise and fresh air.
      About the little black dress, maybe fitting better in an old LBD I used to own would do ๐Ÿ˜‰ Groovy Mums is a fabulous idea! Hope to see more post coming up.

  2. Mummy Plum

    If you’re out and about shopping you are exercising too – bonus! It’s amazing how buying a few new bits and pieces to wear can make you feel a bit better after having a baby. Getting out of those old maternity clothes can make all the difference. x

  3. Glasgow Mummy

    Sugar is my downfall… I have zero willpower! I’m with you on the online clothes shopping… it’s very difficult to shop with two toddlers in tow so I get stuff online or at the supermarket! Although when I lost my baby weight I did a personal shopping trip and got a whole new capsule wardrobe in one sitting. Was a fantastic, but expensive, experience!

    1. firsttimemumblog Post author

      Hello Glasgow Mummy, I have a sweet tooth too. Recently, I had three fillings on my teeth and know I have to reduce on chocolate or sugary things before worse things happen to my teeth. Ouch.. I am flossing my teeth everyday now because I do miss sweet things. I found low fat yogurt and drinking tea helps me curb my craving for sweet. If you really need to have the sweet, just remember to do some exercise to make it up after. I visited your blog and saw what a pretty and svelte lady you are, so I guess flossing is more of the main point ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

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  6. Nikki

    Great post. I have been far too caught up in everything to do any exercise / healthy eating recently, so can empathise! I must do better…
    Online shopping is the only way for me too at moment. Loving eBay for bargains and Boots Treat Street, can get advantage card points on online purchases at various stores, which definately come in useful with a baby.
    Have a fab weekend x

    P.S. Found you through the lovely Kate.

    1. firsttimemumblog Post author

      Hey Nikki, thank you for your comment. I love doing online shopping too and using all those discount code and cash back site. They made me feel savvy and I love bargains! I love your homemade baby bibs! Look forward to your groovy post ๐Ÿ™‚


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