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This week in Kate says If you want to get ahead, get a hat! She encourages mums to start or continue their proactive journey towards a happier life in whatever way they see fit.

This week, I want to be proactive in

1) Keep up with exercise Last week, in my post Tiny Little Steps.. Groovy Mums, I started the exercise in ITV’s LBDD and I have been doing pretty well, ticking off lots of the 60 mins everyday activities and toning exercise. It really is possible even with a baby if I put a conscious effort to do it.

2) Healthy eating This one really is difficult, I have been indulging myself when eating out and it is difficult to resist to finish off the leftover brownies and crisp from our guests.

3) Exercise my fun muscle Exercise what? Fun muscle! I was inspired by Glasgow Mum’s 35 by 35 List and am going to write my own. I think mum tends to forget to have fun in the midst of juggling caring for others, household chores, work and et. cetera. Sometimes, having some fun can be beneficial to yourself and others too.

First cross off Have my nail painted! In my whole life, I can tell you I have only had my nails painted less than ten times! Last night, whilst my baby was asleep, I painted my nails!

20121121-021434 PM.jpg

I agree with what Kate’s mum said. We do not have to be so self conscious and always living in the fear of what others might think of us because at the end of the day, these people might not even notice wether we have had a hair cut (i.e. my other half) or had our nail painted.

Sometimes, get grooving is more fun when you do it with other mums. You can do so by linking up with Kate and others.


4 thoughts on “Grooving first time mum

  1. Kate on Thin Ice

    Fabulous to have you along again. Well done on exercising with a baby including the fun muscle. Let’s both try to have a better week on the healthy eating front. Painted lady hey. Might be myself but don’t have the nails to make it worth it. Are you on Twitter by the way?

    1. firsttimemumblog Post author

      Painted short nail can look really cute too. I have followed you on twitter, my twitter name is First Time Mum (@eann_tan). Hope for some positive report on healthy eating next time round!

  2. Glasgow Mummy

    Thanks for the link up. I’ve really enjoyed my 35 at 35 list so far. It’s good to have a direction to go in and things to aim for. Your post has reminded me that I need to sort out my nails! I’ve been doing so well and have had them painted nicely for months and months now, but I’ve been so busy this last week that they’re all chipped and needing re-done.

    1. firsttimemumblog Post author

      Yes, I your list is really fun. If you do go for a marathon, do train according to the book or get guidance from your PT because I now suffered from a bad knee as a result of joining one without training. My nail has chipped off already only after less than 24 hours…


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