Festive Gift Fair

20121125-103628 PM.jpg

Some pictures taken from the Festive Gift Fair in NEC Birmingham.

This time, we stayed at the Ramada Encore Hotel in NEC Birmingham. Again, they have lift and kettle. Clean and tidy so bringing a baby was not a problem. The best thing about living in this hotel was its five minutes walk away from the National Exhibition Centre. Just make sure you ask the receptionist exactly how to get INTO the halls. Or, you can jot down my direction if it make any sense to you at all – turn right directly from the reception of the hotel and walk straight until you see the back of the NEC hall number three, follow the blue pedestrian line on the right and you will see a skyway. You can use the lift to get up to the skyway. After that, just follow the sign and walk to the hall you want. (Thanks to my hubby, we walked the opposite way when we reached hall number three and ended up having to skirt the whole of the NEC to get to Hall 12, which took us 30 minutes. Good exercise though.)

Okay, what about the fair itself? I discovered a cool DIY nail art you can do at home called MoYou which got me excited all weekend. Basically, the set consists of a silicone stamp to transfer motif onto your nail, a few plates with different nail designs, a scraper and nail varnish. Psst.. I also found out them on Amazon.

A demo on my nail.

20121125-104136 PM.jpg

My husband was bored as he abhors shopping, but he instantly cheer up when he saw fictional characters on our way back.

The Stig driving our pram!

20121125-104455 PM.jpg


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