First time mum swimming with baby

20121125-091046 PM.jpg

Few things I learnt from swimming with my six months old
– Only change your baby into swimming nappy (I bought Boots own brand) in the swimming pool changing room if you do not want the urine leaking into car seats, at the lobby area and et. cetera.
– Apply emollient moderately and at your own risk. My baby has eczema and I applied some ointment on him before going into the pool but realised it was a bit too slippery, so I am going to apply less and be extra careful next time.
– If you have a wet suit, that’s even better as it can keep your baby warm.
– We went into the bigger pool first then into the warmer little pool after. Your baby might feel cold if you do it the other way round.
– Ask the life guard for a baby float as it is much easier than holding your baby at all times.


5 thoughts on “First time mum swimming with baby

  1. thebeesleybuzz

    great tip about the wetsuits – my boys always had them when younger and it made such a big difference. very cute photo too xxx

      1. thebeesleybuzz

        yes – they adore swimming but since i had my baby girl it is hard to take them all as for safety reasons our local pool doesn’t let 3 children in with one adult. We are hoping my eldest son will pass his competent to swim test soon and then we can go more often again. xxx

  2. andreahoffmann

    Your child has really learned to swim at six months? Could swim a little bit with my son one year. He is now 5 years old. We make in a few months for swimming lessons for the summer we go to the sea

    1. firsttimemumblog Post author

      Hello Andrea, he can only sit on the float or splash the water but cannot really swim yet. 🙂 It is amazing how quickly they learned though. Swimming at one year old is amazing!


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