Carrot-Courgette-Sweet Potato with Cheese baby purée

20121203-015026 PM.jpg

Many mums I spoke to said their babies love carrot and sweet potatoes. Not mine. Carrot and sweet potatoes are one of the first food I tried giving to my baby but he has refused them persistently until I add cheese in it. So, I reckon if you are also trying to get your baby to eat carrot and sweet potatoes (as they are rich in vitamins and cheap to buy) , you can try adding cheese in it and your baby might just savour it.

How to:
1) Peel skin off carrot and sweet potatoes and chop into small pieces.
2) Slice courgette into small disc but do not peel skin off as it is rich in vitamin.
3) Use a steamer, boil sweet potato at the bottom and steam carrot and courgette on top. (You can also use a saucepan to simmer the vegetables.)
4) Purée all three vegs in separate bowls.
5) Mix them together to the desired consistency, remember the courgette is more watery compared to carrot and sweet potatoes, add water if needed.
6) Scoop out required amount and freeze the rest.
7) I add cheese (I used Cheddar Cheese) to the purée, microwave it so the cheese melt and wait for it to cool before giving it to my seven months old.


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