My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

20121130-114711 PM.jpg

I love, love, love Proskins, especially the latest galaxy print leggings. They also come in other colours like matt black, rich purple, cobalt blue and emerald. I really do fancy having all five different pairs and wear them everyday. I would wear it out, wear it in the house, exercise and I would wear it to sleep. The best thing is, the leggings are made of anti-bacterial material so I won’t have to wash it often and they are very comfortable. Even the British Olympic team wear Proskins! I used to train for long distance running many time a week and completed Cardiff half marathon in 2010 and Wales marathon in 2011. However, I have been slacking after having my baby this year. So, dear Santa, if I could have a Proskins Galaxy print legging, maybe that would give me a push and get me lace up for a run around the park.

20121201-121712 AM.jpg

I really have a thing for pyjamas. I think changing into pyjamas during bedtime switch you into relax mode. Since young we always have a new pair of pyjamas for each new year and I would like to continue this tradition for baby boy’s very first Christmas! These Hatley pyjamas are so cute and comfy! Going to bed in matching pyjamas like mama’s and papa’s has got to be the most fun thing for a baby. That even got me excited! Hatley black bear pyjamas bottom, Hatley footed coverall baby grow with bear, and Hatley bear on plaid pyjamas bottom are on my wish list. “I want my freedom!” said princess Merida in Brave. Just now don’t turn mummy into a bear.

20121201-123625 AM.jpg

They said, once you have a baby, you will have no money left to spend on yourself. If you do not have a child, you can afford to go on luxury holiday and own lots of designers handbags and shoes. Well, like all mum and dad knows, having a baby bring them greater happiness and joy than owning all things materIal. Yes, so the rest of my Christmas wish list all goes to my baby boy who loves to play in water. The next Michael Phelps in the making needs Zoggs Zoggy baby wrap swim jacket and Bestway premium baby float for his swimming lessons. Having this Zoocchini Guppy the shark towel would make any mummy as well as baby look forward to swimming all the more. Oo…what about keeping the little hands warm with this blue Joules baby snap mittens after the cold splash in the pool and pack all these treasures in a Trunki Trunkisaurus green luggage. Yes, yes, yes! Swimming is never gonna be the same again!

Dear Santa Surfdome, all these comes to a total of £249.70 after applying the discount code GIFT20. Please, please make my Christmas wish list turn real.


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