Homemade Potpourri Heart

20121213-124429 PM.jpg

What you need
Unwanted or leftover fabric
Mesh fabric
Hard paper/ Old Christmas Cards
Lace (to go around the heart shape)
Adhesive spray
and some patience

1) Draw two heart shape on a card and cut them out.
2) Spray each side of the card with adhesive spray and stick them on a fabric as shown above.
3) Cut the fabric into a heart shape, making sure the edge is at at least 2 cm from the card.
4) Snip the fabric on the edge, apply glue and fold the fabric edge onto the card.
5) Now, glue the mesh fabric to the heart to make a pocket, then fill it with potpourri, and seal the mesh pocket using more glue.
6) Glue lace around the heart shape.
7) Glue ribbon on top of the heart shape.
8) Glue two sides of the hearts together with the potpourri facing the outside (make sure the sides not completely covered with fabric are glued facing together on the inside).

Note: Please leave a few minute to wait for the glue to dry so that the fabric sticks to the card.

Tots100 Experience Days Competition

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