Mum’s Slow Cooked Pork Rib Stew

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This is my entry into Gourmet Garden’s Blog Off/ Cook Off competition.

This is my mum’s recipe (a traditional South East Asian dish) and I could not find an exact same one from the Internet. Every time I want to make this dish, I would have to ring her up to reiterate all the ingredients required. This time, I am going to type it down here so I can refer to it next time.

If you have a slow cooker, you should definitely give this dish a go. It has a nutty taste and so full of flavours. It is warm and there is depth of flavour and there are different textures. Perfect for winter I think.

Marinade A
2 – 3 cubes of Red fermented bean curd
1 Tablespoon of Rice Wine (Xiao xing wine)
1 Tablespoon of Light Soy Sauce
1 Teaspoon of Sugar
1 Teaspoon of Cornflour

Marinade B
1 Tablespoon of Gourmet Garden’s Chilli paste
1 Tablespoon of Gourmet Garden’s Ginger paste
1 Tablespoon of Gourmet Garden’s Garlic paste
1 Teaspoon of Miso paste
2 thinly sliced and chopped Shallots

700g Pork Ribs
1/2 Cup of Raw peanut
Potatoes (Optional – to make the stew more starchy)

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Easy steps
1) Boil raw peanut in a pot.
2) Marinade the pork ribs with marinade A.
3) Add oil into a wok/ pan and fry the marinated pork ribs.
4) Clean the wok/pan.
5) Add oil into the wok/pan and fry marinade B.
6) Add in the fried pork ribs and cooked peanuts. (Optional – add cooked potatoes)
7) Stir.
8) Add water and wait till it boils for five minutes.
9) Transfer into slow cooker and cook on high for 3 hours, then low for 2 hours.

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My mum and me (1986)

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