Homemade Santa Mask

20121229-040840 PM.jpg

Here is a Christmas craft that is super easy to make, even a toddler could do it with a little help from their elder siblings. I have forgotten to post this up before Christmas but it could be an idea for next year.

What you need
Paper plate
Glue brush
Cotton balls
Red nose (from any hobby/ craft shop)
Red colour card

Easy steps
1) Cut a semi circle off the middle of a paper plate.
2) Apply glue all over one side of the paper plate.
3) Get sticking the cotton balls.
4) Stick the red nose in the middle.
5) Cut out a triangle and apply glue on top and at the bottom.
6) Glue a cotton ball on the top of the triangle; and glue the bottom of the triangle to the top of the paper plate.



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