Daxon’s VIP Fashion Bloggers

20121231-095532 AM.jpg

Do you get excited writing about fashion? Why not become a Daxon VIP fashion blogger and get rewarded at the same time? All you got to do is to follow these three easy steps on their website.

Daxon VIP fashion blogger
I’m a Daxon VIP Fashion Blogger

Here is a little insight into Daxon.
Daxon is part of Redcats, which is the third largest home shopping organisation in the world. They specialise in top quality clothing, for all occasions, to give you effortless style. They aim to find the perfect fit for you and they do not believe in compromise when it comes to fashion.

Here are some fabulous finds from the Daxon’s website:

20130108-110637 AM.jpg

I like this Ladies Expert Designed Body Shaping Dress with a clever invisible firm-support tummy panel. I definitely can do with a little bit of help to pull my tummy in after having a baby. It is 30% off the original price at the moment, for £24 I think this timeless and slimming wardrobe essential is an investment I will never regret.

20130108-112156 AM.jpg

To my surprise, Daxon also supplies healthcare products like this Back and Waist Support Jacket, which helps

correct bad posture and keep the spine straight

I am thinking I need that too because I am slouching a lot lately picking up toys and bathing my baby.

20130108-114058 AM.jpg

I love this Ladies Stud Detail Handbag with a shoulder strap so I can be hands free and the generous storage inside is just perfect for a first time mum like me!


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