Example of a Meal Plan for an 8 Months Old

As a first time mum, I found weaning my baby a real challenge. I felt frustrated when he refused the fish pie, the vegetable medley and the potato mash. It sometimes take an hour just to feed my eight months old. We had also resorted to offering him ice-cream so he has his carrot the next spoonful, tricked into thinking that he is having another spoon of ie-cream. He knows that now and just kept his mouth shut regardless of what we fed him.

A community nursery nurse came round to offer me some help and this is an example of a meal plan my eight months old could follow. He usually sleeps late and wakes up late, hence first meal of the day starts at 9am.

9 am. Porridge made up from milk and finish milk after eating

10.30 am. Snack ripe fruits/ breadsticks/ rice cakes/ yogurt/ pitta bread

12.30 pm. Protein + Carbs + Veg +
Yogurt/ Fruits

Mid afternoon Healthy snacks

Dinner Protein + Carbs + Veg +
Yogurt / fruits/ rice puddings/ low sugar custard + fruits

Milk for bed.


6 thoughts on “Example of a Meal Plan for an 8 Months Old

    1. firsttimemumblog Post author

      Hi lifewithpinkprincess, thank you for poping by my blog and having a look. The meal plan was given to us by our community nursery nurse. We had tried it for three weeks, although it did not work to perfection, there is a little improvement.

      1. firsttimemumblog Post author

        I think us mums know our child best and a general advice does not always work. The CN Nurse giving me support has addressed that weaning is not easy for every parents. I have heard from some other mums their baby would just eat anything, how I wish mine is like that too. I just got to try harder, I guess.

  1. Ae Mi

    Lol! If we try tricking Poppy into having something she doesn’t want she’ll just spit it back out on us. Glad you have a plan in place E An. We are still very slow with introducing new food to Poppy, she has all kinds of intolerances 😦


    1. firsttimemumblog Post author

      Hey Aemi, thanks for leaving me a comment! 🙂 The community nursery nurse will pop by again tomorrow to see how we are doing. I just changed the semi-skimmed milk to full fat ones in his porridge this morning and he refused it twice! 😦 I do feel a bit stressed up. I wonder why it cannot be easier…


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