New Year Resolution?

Did you make any new year resolutions this year? Does it work? Or, have those resolutions been broken already? I used to make new year resolution every year until few years ago because I kept breaking them only a few days after.

Anyhow, I did mentioned I wanted to get out more often in the new year. I guess making sure that the whole family keeping fit and healthy is something that I would like to work on this year.

Family Health and Fitness Plan

Get Active
Do things together as a family that will get us moving about
– Walk in the park together (push baby in pram)
– Bring baby swimming in our local leisure centre
– Window shopping

Eat Healthy
– Look up for inspiring recipe. I have a sweet tooth and resisting sweet has been hard going since after Christmas. So, I am thinking of venturing on healthy sweet treat alternative like this healthy chocolate cake recipe.
– Introduce more vegetable in our family meal that our baby could share as well.
– Stick to baby’s weaning plan.

Plenty of Fluid
Easy as it sounds, it is actually really difficult to drink the recommended eight glasses of fluid a day. I am a coffee lover addicted to the caramel macchiato from my local Coffee #1 and the Mochalatte Ice from M&S cafe. I am thinking why not make friend with tea if eight glasses of plain water does not sound appealing. Tea has lower caffeine content hence more hydrating and contains less calories compared to latte.

20130125-113311 AM.jpg

Sleep Well
This one is hard because it will depend on my baby, but I guess I can sleep earlier to make up for lost sleep in the middle of the night.

Start a Cleaning Routine
A cleaning routine to get the family healthier and fitter make absolute sense to me. I have to declare that I am not a clean freak as I think there is more to life than to keep my house spotless at all time. A sterilised environment might not be the best way for a baby to cultivate a healthy immune system either. They got to get use to be exposé to some allergen somehow.

However, I think getting into a routine to get the house clean and organised can have a therapeutic effect on everyone. Knowing where things are kept keep stress to minimal and constant 30 mins of cleaning everyday can give you less of a headache when your friends and relative give you last minute visiting notice.

I am inspired by this Clean + Organised planner by Clean Mama.

I am also going to give my kitchen a clear out this year by joining My Organized Chaos’ Ultimate 7 days kitchen clear out. They also have a Facebook Group you can join for free.

20130125-120754 PM.jpg

The end of my maternity leave is imminent and I will soon be a working mum. Being a mum is hard work, working on top is really going to be a challenge. So, hopefully these get fit plan will make me feel epic enough to conquer all it requires to be a working mum.

This is my entry for the ‘Get Fit, Feel Epic’ competition sponsored by MoneySupermarket hosted by Kate on Thin Ice. You can click on here to find out how you can too join and win a FitBit activity tracker and smart scale worth over £150.


One thought on “New Year Resolution?

  1. Kate on Thin Ice

    Wow! That’s quite a plan. Just ensure your link to Money Supermarket is a do follow link to make the valid entry. That’s what the sponsor insists on. Hope it is all going well so far.


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