Thrifty Storage Solution for the Home

Ever wonder what to do with all those wrapping paper and amazon boxes gathered during Christmas? Why not turn them into a storage solution for your home? My little boy started crawling and loves exploring around the house, including the CDs and DVDs, so I thought of keeping things tidy in a storage box to prevent him from messing it up.

20130130-054315 PM.jpg

What you need
Used wrapping paper
Cellophane tape

Easy Step by Step Instruction
1) Gather what you need.
2) Wrap up your box as if you are wrapping a present, omitting the opening of the box.
3) Fold in the top part of the wrapping paper into the inside of the box.
4) Tape/ glue in some more wrapping paper on the inside of the box.
5) Make sure everything is taped or glued properly.
6) Now get storing!

My entry to Appliances Online Craft Kids competition
For more information on entering the competition, click on The Mummy Blogger site.


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