Making a Meal Out Of Your Pancake

20130211-015644 PM.jpg

This is a Japanese savoury pancake called Okonomikayi, meaning “add-what-you-like pancake”. In my pancake, I have added cabbage, crab meat, prawns, mushroom, tomato, bonito flakes and dressing like mayonnaise and okonimiyaki sauce.

For the pancake base
1 cup of Plain flour
1 Egg
1 cup of Water (or Dashi Stock)
Shredded white cabbage

For the toppings
Garlic (minced)
Onion (sliced)
Mushroom (sliced)
Tomato (sliced)
Oyster sauce
Crab meat

For the dressing
Bonito flakes
Okonimiyaki sauce

1) First, get the pancake mixture ready by mixing together the flour, water, egg and finish off by adding in the thinly shredded white cabbage.
2) Stir fry the toppings as your would normally by heating up some oil in a pan, then add in garlic, onion, mushroom, tomato, crab meat and prawn in that order. Then add in some oyster sauce for extra flavour.
3) Add the pancake mixture on top of the toppings in the pan, heat on medium fire and wait patiently for 10 – 15 minutes.
4) Use a fork to poke some holes to see if the pancake is cooked.
5) Flip the pancake over and cook the other side.
6) Now, you can decorate your pancake by sprinkling in some bonito flakes. The bonito flakes will move if your pancake is still hot! Create your own design by squirting on some mayonnaise and okonimiyaki sauce too!

Mmm.. If that is not a meal, what do you call it? Happy pancake making!

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