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Useful sites for budgeting

MoneySavingExpert is my favourite site, remember to sign up to their newsletter as you will be looking forward to receive the next best offer every week like I do.

I first come across Becky Goddard-Hill’s useful book called How to Afford Time Off with Your Baby in my local library and found out from her book she has a website too called Baby Budgeting

Sarah Willingham’s website has lots of useful tips for mum who wants to look good on a budget. Let’s save some money, I am going to try out the Baby’s bottom butter next time I visit Waitrose.

Another website called The Discount Coder Blog has a few good tips if you want to make some extra money with your writing skills.

For more fun and happiness in life & at home

If you like to be inspired to do some art project with your kids or baby The Chocolate Muffin Tree is over flowing with creativity juice which I am sure will fill yours enough to get you buying some paints.

If you are a SAHM (Stay at Home Mum – a term recently learned started blogging) or currently on maternity leave and stayed at home mostly like me, Happier at Home might tickle your fancy. The author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin basically experiment with the practice of everyday life to make staying at home happier for everyone else.

Mummy (and Daddy) community

Britmums, Tots100, Netmums and Baby Centre are great sites for mummy and daddy to be part of and belong to. There are some tried and tested tips on parenting and brand sponsored competitions to enter if you ever feel challenged to do something more than feeding and changing diapers.

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