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Daxon’s VIP Fashion Bloggers

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Do you get excited writing about fashion? Why not become a Daxon VIP fashion blogger and get rewarded at the same time? All you got to do is to follow these three easy steps on their website.

Daxon VIP fashion blogger
I’m a Daxon VIP Fashion Blogger

Here is a little insight into Daxon.
Daxon is part of Redcats, which is the third largest home shopping organisation in the world. They specialise in top quality clothing, for all occasions, to give you effortless style. They aim to find the perfect fit for you and they do not believe in compromise when it comes to fashion.

Here are some fabulous finds from the Daxon’s website:

20130108-110637 AM.jpg

I like this Ladies Expert Designed Body Shaping Dress with a clever invisible firm-support tummy panel. I definitely can do with a little bit of help to pull my tummy in after having a baby. It is 30% off the original price at the moment, for £24 I think this timeless and slimming wardrobe essential is an investment I will never regret.

20130108-112156 AM.jpg

To my surprise, Daxon also supplies healthcare products like this Back and Waist Support Jacket, which helps

correct bad posture and keep the spine straight

I am thinking I need that too because I am slouching a lot lately picking up toys and bathing my baby.

20130108-114058 AM.jpg

I love this Ladies Stud Detail Handbag with a shoulder strap so I can be hands free and the generous storage inside is just perfect for a first time mum like me!


My Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa,

20121130-114711 PM.jpg

I love, love, love Proskins, especially the latest galaxy print leggings. They also come in other colours like matt black, rich purple, cobalt blue and emerald. I really do fancy having all five different pairs and wear them everyday. I would wear it out, wear it in the house, exercise and I would wear it to sleep. The best thing is, the leggings are made of anti-bacterial material so I won’t have to wash it often and they are very comfortable. Even the British Olympic team wear Proskins! I used to train for long distance running many time a week and completed Cardiff half marathon in 2010 and Wales marathon in 2011. However, I have been slacking after having my baby this year. So, dear Santa, if I could have a Proskins Galaxy print legging, maybe that would give me a push and get me lace up for a run around the park.

20121201-121712 AM.jpg

I really have a thing for pyjamas. I think changing into pyjamas during bedtime switch you into relax mode. Since young we always have a new pair of pyjamas for each new year and I would like to continue this tradition for baby boy’s very first Christmas! These Hatley pyjamas are so cute and comfy! Going to bed in matching pyjamas like mama’s and papa’s has got to be the most fun thing for a baby. That even got me excited! Hatley black bear pyjamas bottom, Hatley footed coverall baby grow with bear, and Hatley bear on plaid pyjamas bottom are on my wish list. “I want my freedom!” said princess Merida in Brave. Just now don’t turn mummy into a bear.

20121201-123625 AM.jpg

They said, once you have a baby, you will have no money left to spend on yourself. If you do not have a child, you can afford to go on luxury holiday and own lots of designers handbags and shoes. Well, like all mum and dad knows, having a baby bring them greater happiness and joy than owning all things materIal. Yes, so the rest of my Christmas wish list all goes to my baby boy who loves to play in water. The next Michael Phelps in the making needs Zoggs Zoggy baby wrap swim jacket and Bestway premium baby float for his swimming lessons. Having this Zoocchini Guppy the shark towel would make any mummy as well as baby look forward to swimming all the more. Oo…what about keeping the little hands warm with this blue Joules baby snap mittens after the cold splash in the pool and pack all these treasures in a Trunki Trunkisaurus green luggage. Yes, yes, yes! Swimming is never gonna be the same again!

Dear Santa Surfdome, all these comes to a total of £249.70 after applying the discount code GIFT20. Please, please make my Christmas wish list turn real.

Fantastic Fashion Gift for £35 or less

My top five fashion gifts under £35. I have sourced these gift using

20121109-105251 PM.jpg

1) BOULANGERIE BAG from Culture Vulture. £29.00

2) Violent Lips Silver Glitterati from HQHair. £10.80

3) Knitted Cotton Necklace from Etsy. £25.00

4) Red “SNOG” embroidered nappa lipstick case from LassoTheMoon. £18.50

5) ASOS Skater Dress With Chiffon Collar And Belt from ASOS. £22.00 £15.00 You can also purchase ASOS gift voucher from Gift Voucher.

My top 5 jewellery gifts under £35. I have also sourced these from

20121109-111728 PM.jpg

1) Geometric Silver Earrings from Ginger Pickle. £30.00

2) Pearl Shadow Ivory Drop Earrings from Ella Georgia. £17.50

3) Diamante Daisy Brooch from £9.50

4) Gold Silk And Silver Friendship Bracelet from £12.99

5) Bright yellow heart necklace with bright blue elasticated cord from £30.00

20121109-093415 PM.jpg

Click here for more information on how to enter.

Homemade Halloween Baby Costume for £1.70

Here is what you need to make a baby halloween costume at home for only £1.70!

20121024-054005 PM.jpg

You need
A baby bodysuit
6 bright papers A4 size (2 orange, 2 yellow and 2 green)
3 baby wipes
Double sided tape

Tools you will need
Felt tips pen
Dark colour ribbons
Green and orange paint (to dye the baby wipes)

The A4 size bright colour pad is from Amazon (£1.90 for 50 sheets), so £0.20 for 6 sheets.
I got my baby wipes from Tesco, they are less than 1p per sheet, so £0.03 for 3 sheets.
The double sided tape is from Amazon, it cost £1.95 but you will only be using some, so I assume it is £0.20.
My baby bodysuit is from Mothercare (£9 for 7 suits), so £1.28 per bodysuit. You can save on the cost by using bodysuit you already have at home. (In which case means your Halloween outfit cost less than 50p!)
Total cost is (£0.20 + £0.03 + £0.20 + £1.28 =) £1.71

20121024-071032 PM.jpg

Instructions (Read diagram clockwise)
Fold two sheets of orange paper into half and cut out half a fish shape and some little triangles in the middle. You will get two symmetrical fishes one for the front and one for the back of the bodysuit. Add some details onto the fishes by using a felt tip pen.
Glued the fish shape onto a yellow colour sheet, then cut the edges off the yellow sheet.
Fold two sheets of green papers into half and cut into a grass shape like shown in the diagram. Attach the papers onto the bodysuit by using double sided tape.
To make the wasabi, dye baby wipe with green paint; to make ginger (gari), dye baby wipes with orange paint.
Add dark colour ribbon in the middle (that’s the seaweed to secure the fish onto the sushi rice).

If you have any homemade halloween costume ideas, you can enter the #homemadehalloween competition by blogging about how you made your costume and how much it will cost. Hurry, before 12pm on 5th November!

Hope you have a good time trick or treat!

easyJet holidays and London fashion week 2

If you have not seen my last post on easyJet holidays and London fashion week, this is my second post to enter their last week competition.

EasyJet and Ada Zantidon has teamed up with London fashion week to give you a chance to win a ticket or a goodie bag at the London fashions week this September. Join the competition!

This is what I’d take for a Berlin city break with easyJet holidays

20120905-092949 PM.jpg

Shop the look
CLOSET zip front print dress AWEAR Blue Clara basic short RADLEY Baker Street grab bag RADLEY Baker Street kindle cover AWEAR Ecru 3/4 sleeve floral mesh top Dr. Martens Carrie Shoe Ray Ban legend meteor

I have always wanted to visit Berlin for many different reasons. The zip front print dress would allow me to stuff myself in Berlin’s many Mitchelin star restaurants without feeling too conscious of my would be bulging stomach. I would wear the comfy yet feminine white mesh top paired with blue short, and stroll care free in Dr. Marten flats to soak up the history of the city. I am can snap photo hands free with my cross body bag and stop for tea whilst indulging in good reads on my kindle. Perfect holiday in style! Don’t you agree?

Fashion for first time mum

20120828-092430 PM.jpg

Shop the look: Carvela Annie’s CourtArmani Jeans patent logo toteMary Portas leather snake skirtVILA sequin sleeveless topWAREHOUSE contrast lace jacketPANDORA grand pearl stud earring L.K. Bennett pave enamel ring

These fifty shades inspired pieces are sexy, feminine and elegant. The accessories are minimal suitable for the statement clothing. Stylish and nice size tote bag great for all mum and baby essentials. Versatile can be worn for work or party.