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Thrifty Storage Solution for the Home

Ever wonder what to do with all those wrapping paper and amazon boxes gathered during Christmas? Why not turn them into a storage solution for your home? My little boy started crawling and loves exploring around the house, including the CDs and DVDs, so I thought of keeping things tidy in a storage box to prevent him from messing it up.

20130130-054315 PM.jpg

What you need
Used wrapping paper
Cellophane tape

Easy Step by Step Instruction
1) Gather what you need.
2) Wrap up your box as if you are wrapping a present, omitting the opening of the box.
3) Fold in the top part of the wrapping paper into the inside of the box.
4) Tape/ glue in some more wrapping paper on the inside of the box.
5) Make sure everything is taped or glued properly.
6) Now get storing!

My entry to Appliances Online Craft Kids competition
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Homemade Potpourri Heart

20121213-124429 PM.jpg

What you need
Unwanted or leftover fabric
Mesh fabric
Hard paper/ Old Christmas Cards
Lace (to go around the heart shape)
Adhesive spray
and some patience

1) Draw two heart shape on a card and cut them out.
2) Spray each side of the card with adhesive spray and stick them on a fabric as shown above.
3) Cut the fabric into a heart shape, making sure the edge is at at least 2 cm from the card.
4) Snip the fabric on the edge, apply glue and fold the fabric edge onto the card.
5) Now, glue the mesh fabric to the heart to make a pocket, then fill it with potpourri, and seal the mesh pocket using more glue.
6) Glue lace around the heart shape.
7) Glue ribbon on top of the heart shape.
8) Glue two sides of the hearts together with the potpourri facing the outside (make sure the sides not completely covered with fabric are glued facing together on the inside).

Note: Please leave a few minute to wait for the glue to dry so that the fabric sticks to the card.

Tots100 Experience Days Competition

First time mum Home Decor Challenge

“To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition, the end to which every enterprise and labour tends…” by Samuel Johnson

Ever since I started maternity leave and being a mum, I stayed at home more often than ever. For the first time, I realise our furniture need changing as well as the decor to make it more welcoming to our guest and baby friendly. I need more storage space for my baby’s ever increasing gadgets and less "corners" as my boy will be learning to crawl and walk soon.

Living room inspiration from our recent trip to to IKEA Wales.

20121014-051430 PM.jpg
Living room 1
– the colour scheme
– the round corner-less white glossy dining table which takes up less space than our current ones
– plenty of storage space provided by the wall cabinet
– the flamboyant lamp shade
– the coffee table (I prefer a small foldable table I could put away to create more walking space for the baby)

20121014-051654 PM.jpg
Living room 2
Like the halogen light built into the ceiling
Dislike the wall cabinet has too many sharp corner baby can bump into

20121014-051805 PM.jpg
Living room 3
Very Like the wall cabinet as I can display picture frames (hopefully some baby’s craft as well) without drilling holes into the wall (but can I have it all?)
Dislike the colour scheme, similar to ours at the moment, is too dark for our small living room

20121014-051848 PM.jpg
Living room 4
Like the sofa with foot rest seems comfy
Dislike the overall feel of the living room is quite dull for my liking especially if I were to spend £2500 on a new living room

In conclusion, if I have £2500 to spend on a new living room, I would go for a colour scheme like living room number one with light blue sofa plus foot rest and glossy white dining table; built -in ceiling light featured in living room number two and wall cabinet where I do not have to drill hole to display picture frames in living room number three.