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Example of a Meal Plan for an 8 Months Old

As a first time mum, I found weaning my baby a real challenge. I felt frustrated when he refused the fish pie, the vegetable medley and the potato mash. It sometimes take an hour just to feed my eight months old. We had also resorted to offering him ice-cream so he has his carrot the next spoonful, tricked into thinking that he is having another spoon of ie-cream. He knows that now and just kept his mouth shut regardless of what we fed him.

A community nursery nurse came round to offer me some help and this is an example of a meal plan my eight months old could follow. He usually sleeps late and wakes up late, hence first meal of the day starts at 9am.

9 am. Porridge made up from milk and finish milk after eating

10.30 am. Snack ripe fruits/ breadsticks/ rice cakes/ yogurt/ pitta bread

12.30 pm. Protein + Carbs + Veg +
Yogurt/ Fruits

Mid afternoon Healthy snacks

Dinner Protein + Carbs + Veg +
Yogurt / fruits/ rice puddings/ low sugar custard + fruits

Milk for bed.


What My Seven Months Old Baby Would Spend On

20121203-070229 PM.jpg

My seven months old would want to spend his money on endless supply of Petite Filous!

20121203-075933 PM.jpg

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Nuby for First Time Mum

Door bell ring…

20121110-024833 PM.jpg

I felt weaning my fussy six months old has been a real challenge lately and was so pleased to receive these bunch of goodies from the lovely people from Nuby this morning. It has given me a lift, to add some fun into my effort to wean my baby boy. Let me share with you some photos of baby D using the different Nuby products.

20121110-030420 PM.jpg

Nuby’s First Cup has no leak and no spill, perfect for a six months old. It also has a screw on top which makes it easier for me to refill water or fluid. I love seeing my baby boy holding the cup himself and not worry about having to wipe up any spillage after. All these great benefits plus the cute designs too!

20121110-025259 PM.jpg

The Nibbler by Nuby is a life saver for a first time mum like me. My boy was finally eating his sweet potatoes on his own (under my supervision, of course)! It would have taken me an hour normally. This time, there is no mess as well. Heavenly!

Nuby also sell the Nibbler Nets (pack of 3) separately.

20121110-031350 PM.jpg

I totally heart the colour and modern design of this Nuby Natural Flex Orthodontic Soother and am glad they are designed to prevent dental problem in the future.

I was also sent a Nuby Snack Keeper which will help toddler to have their own food without pouring them all into the floor first. I will be trying this out in future when my baby boy gets a bit older (or use it to hide my Maltesers from my OH for now ;-))

6 things we learned from Discovery Tots

We went our very first taster session of discovery tots. We were a little bit late, otherwise baby and me had a great hour! This is what we have discovered together.

20121026-015631 PM.jpg

1. Fibre optic light Flickr photo from therubberduckie
2. Bubbles Flickr photo by silly_a1804
3. Sing along! Flickr photo from all that improbable blue
4. Baby yoga Flickr photo from activioslo
5. Peek-a-boo Flickr photo from OhKyleL
6. Talking Totsy monkey photo from Tots Play

FTM bulk prepared baby food for the first time

This is how I prepared four different baby purée at one go.

20121015-010930 PM.jpg

Easy steps:
1) Peel the skin off some apples, pears and sweet potatoes, chop into little chunks.
2) Use a steamer. Boil the sweet potato with water at the bottom and steam the apples and pears on the top two tiers.
3) Mash the apples, pears and sweet potatoes with a hand blender in three different bowls.
4) The mashed sweet potato was so yummy I stole some too.
5) Spoon the purée into ice cube tray. Wait for them to cool before freezing.
6) To make Apple & Pear with Cinnamon purée, just mix equal amount of apple and pear purée, a little apple juice or water and pinch of cinnamon.