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Get Fit, Feel Epic!

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After reading about the existence of a “food clock” on Emma Nutrition, I no longer feel so alien about my recent humongous increased in appetite. It is a cliché everyone overindulge over the festive period and lost track of their exercise routine because they have been away from home visiting family and friends. The snowy January has also contributed to our lack of activity, of course! Sometimes, it is too dark. Other times, I would rather stay at home because my baby has diarrhoea and I do not fancy frantically looking for a baby changing room in the middle of a park! If someone else can baby sit for you whilst you get your exercise, then lucky you. I just got to do it all on my own at the moment.

Google searches gave me some repeated suggestions for “exercise for mums” and this article Eight Ways to find time to Exercise by Baby Centre pretty much sums it all. The only suggestion that seems feasible to me at the moment is the last one – work it out at home. I have ordered ABBA: You Can Dance (Wii) from Amazon at a bargain price of £4.88 and am waiting to try it out as soon as it arrives.

This is my entry into Get Fit Feel Epic competition from hosted by Mum Reinvented.


New Year Resolution?

Did you make any new year resolutions this year? Does it work? Or, have those resolutions been broken already? I used to make new year resolution every year until few years ago because I kept breaking them only a few days after.

Anyhow, I did mentioned I wanted to get out more often in the new year. I guess making sure that the whole family keeping fit and healthy is something that I would like to work on this year.

Family Health and Fitness Plan

Get Active
Do things together as a family that will get us moving about
– Walk in the park together (push baby in pram)
– Bring baby swimming in our local leisure centre
– Window shopping

Eat Healthy
– Look up for inspiring recipe. I have a sweet tooth and resisting sweet has been hard going since after Christmas. So, I am thinking of venturing on healthy sweet treat alternative like this healthy chocolate cake recipe.
– Introduce more vegetable in our family meal that our baby could share as well.
– Stick to baby’s weaning plan.

Plenty of Fluid
Easy as it sounds, it is actually really difficult to drink the recommended eight glasses of fluid a day. I am a coffee lover addicted to the caramel macchiato from my local Coffee #1 and the Mochalatte Ice from M&S cafe. I am thinking why not make friend with tea if eight glasses of plain water does not sound appealing. Tea has lower caffeine content hence more hydrating and contains less calories compared to latte.

20130125-113311 AM.jpg

Sleep Well
This one is hard because it will depend on my baby, but I guess I can sleep earlier to make up for lost sleep in the middle of the night.

Start a Cleaning Routine
A cleaning routine to get the family healthier and fitter make absolute sense to me. I have to declare that I am not a clean freak as I think there is more to life than to keep my house spotless at all time. A sterilised environment might not be the best way for a baby to cultivate a healthy immune system either. They got to get use to be exposé to some allergen somehow.

However, I think getting into a routine to get the house clean and organised can have a therapeutic effect on everyone. Knowing where things are kept keep stress to minimal and constant 30 mins of cleaning everyday can give you less of a headache when your friends and relative give you last minute visiting notice.

I am inspired by this Clean + Organised planner by Clean Mama.

I am also going to give my kitchen a clear out this year by joining My Organized Chaos’ Ultimate 7 days kitchen clear out. They also have a Facebook Group you can join for free.

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The end of my maternity leave is imminent and I will soon be a working mum. Being a mum is hard work, working on top is really going to be a challenge. So, hopefully these get fit plan will make me feel epic enough to conquer all it requires to be a working mum.

This is my entry for the ‘Get Fit, Feel Epic’ competition sponsored by MoneySupermarket hosted by Kate on Thin Ice. You can click on here to find out how you can too join and win a FitBit activity tracker and smart scale worth over £150.

My Personal Highs and Lows of 2012

Kate from Kate on Thin Ice has set all grooving mums a challenge to list our personal highs and lows of 2012. She also has a new sassy blog call The Naked Mum Blog. If you fancy joining, click on the bottom below to find out how.

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1. What was your happiest event?
Giving birth to my first baby in April 2012.

2. What was the saddest thing to happen?
My teeth! Finding out that I needed three fillings and possibly more as there were sign of decay on my other teeth. 😦

3. What was the most unlikely thing to happen that actually went ahead and did?
When I was pregnant, I liked to nosy about other’s birthing experience and always wish I could have an easy and short labour like one two of my colleague in work. Like popping a pea, if you know the expression. It turned out my labour only lasted an hour a half and I only needed gas and air as pain relief. I was well pleased with that. It felt like I could not have possibly done that myself, god must have been with me.

4. Who let you down?
People who has not kept their promise.

5. Who supported you?
My husband has supported me during my pregnancy and also my new role as a mum. My mum and mum-in-law has also helped immensely with caring for our new born baby. People who work professionally with mums, like my health visitor and community nurses make a difference to my life too.

6. Tell us one thing you learned
Sometimes, just take your mind off things you think you ought to do and focus on the present. Live the moment and love it.

7. Tell us one thing that made you laugh
When my baby do something unexpected.

8. Tell us one thing that made you cry
Well, during my labour I did cry for a bit and also after finding out my teeth needed fillings after a routine dental appointment after pregnancy.

9. Tell us three things your child or children did to make you feel proud.
Looking at my baby everyday, I think how could I have possibly made something wonderful like him myself?

10. Tell us one thing that made you proud of yourself.
I lost all my pregnancy weight! I am very proud of that because I thought it was impossible in the beginning.

11. Tell us one challenge you overcame
I wanted to channel some creativity and to connect with other mums out there, especially when it can be pretty lonely staying at home most of the time with a new baby. I have done exactly that when I signed up to WordPress in August 2012 and started blogging!

12. Tell us three things you would like to change about your life in 2013.
One: I am going to take good care of my oral health. I do not want any more fillings! So, I got to brush thoroughly as well as floss tidily. Also, I got to rid the habit of eating chocolate and/or something sweet throughout the day if I want no more caries!
Two: I want to get out for fresh air more often regardless of the weather.
Three: I want to get out of my comfort zone like I did this year with starting a blog.

Getting ready for Christmas

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I cannot believe how quickly two weeks has gone by. I remembered I had my nails painted and my hair plaited not long ago as part of my #getgroovingchallenge and now I am back to my normal self, meaning not making much effort at all in how I look and feel. Part of me feel glad Kate’s #groovingmums is there to remind me how easily I get caught up making baby purée and changing nappies, I forget about just being me.

1) I have a Christmas Cracker party coming up this Friday, where we are suppose to dress formal. I am going to spare an hour for myself to get ready instead of just appear undone in the party. I am going to curl my hair at least as well as wear my long forgotten heels.

2) I have a voucher for an express manicure and I am going to use it somehow by asking for an hour of baby-sitting from my OH.

3) It is almost time to send off Christmas Card to family and friends. (And buy present for a friend who always care so much about me. I want to give something back.)

4) I have an idea about scanning my mum’s old photo as part of my #groovingmums effort. My mum in her late twenties was certainly much more trendy in her time than I am now in mine. She used to wear matching handbags and heels! It might be a bit OTT to wear matching items in today’s fashion, but it could motivate me maybe? (Mum, if you read this, could you please remind me about scanning your old photos.)

Kate’s question What health aims do you have for the New Year?
Keep flossing my teeth, make an effort to include fruits and veg in my every day’s meal, stay active and keep grooving.

That’s it for now.

Update 08/12:

20121208-112519 AM.jpg

(I did curl my hair and wear my heel as well as painted some glitters on my nails! Note to self: Must do this more often and get a pair of black colour heels to wear with black tights in future.)

Grooving first time mum

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This week in Kate says If you want to get ahead, get a hat! She encourages mums to start or continue their proactive journey towards a happier life in whatever way they see fit.

This week, I want to be proactive in

1) Keep up with exercise Last week, in my post Tiny Little Steps.. Groovy Mums, I started the exercise in ITV’s LBDD and I have been doing pretty well, ticking off lots of the 60 mins everyday activities and toning exercise. It really is possible even with a baby if I put a conscious effort to do it.

2) Healthy eating This one really is difficult, I have been indulging myself when eating out and it is difficult to resist to finish off the leftover brownies and crisp from our guests.

3) Exercise my fun muscle Exercise what? Fun muscle! I was inspired by Glasgow Mum’s 35 by 35 List and am going to write my own. I think mum tends to forget to have fun in the midst of juggling caring for others, household chores, work and et. cetera. Sometimes, having some fun can be beneficial to yourself and others too.

First cross off Have my nail painted! In my whole life, I can tell you I have only had my nails painted less than ten times! Last night, whilst my baby was asleep, I painted my nails!

20121121-021434 PM.jpg

I agree with what Kate’s mum said. We do not have to be so self conscious and always living in the fear of what others might think of us because at the end of the day, these people might not even notice wether we have had a hair cut (i.e. my other half) or had our nail painted.

Sometimes, get grooving is more fun when you do it with other mums. You can do so by linking up with Kate and others.

Tiny little steps … Groovy Mums

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1) Get more active I find myself glued to the sofa more often ever since I started blogging. So, I am going to get more active with some help from the Little Black Dress planner downloaded from ITV Lorraine website.

2) Treat myself I am going to treat myself to clothing that fits me and that is within my budget. I live in a few basics when I was pregnant and found it difficult to go out and shop for new clothes as a mummy to a new born. Last week, I saw lots of online offers from fashion retailer and began my major fashion haul. Oooh.. It feels so satisfying.

3) Fish and Chips in moderation Well, chocolates, brownie, muffins and crisp in moderation too. I did learnt a thing or two from the 28 days trial from Jenny Craig (see my post here). I only had 6 pounds to lose, but like many new mum would tell you, it stayed on me very stubbornly. My JC consultant was over the moon when I got rid off the 6lbs towards the end of my 28 days trial. Three weeks has past since and I have “celebrated” by being a little too indulgent, hence the need to remind myself to less the sugar and up the activity.

If you are a mummy and would like to get your grove back, check out Kate’s How to be a Groovy Mum. After that you can link up on Groovy Mums to offer encouragement and to get inspiration from other grooving mums.