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Get Fit, Feel Epic!

20130130-114852 PM.jpg

After reading about the existence of a “food clock” on Emma Nutrition, I no longer feel so alien about my recent humongous increased in appetite. It is a cliché everyone overindulge over the festive period and lost track of their exercise routine because they have been away from home visiting family and friends. The snowy January has also contributed to our lack of activity, of course! Sometimes, it is too dark. Other times, I would rather stay at home because my baby has diarrhoea and I do not fancy frantically looking for a baby changing room in the middle of a park! If someone else can baby sit for you whilst you get your exercise, then lucky you. I just got to do it all on my own at the moment.

Google searches gave me some repeated suggestions for “exercise for mums” and this article Eight Ways to find time to Exercise by Baby Centre pretty much sums it all. The only suggestion that seems feasible to me at the moment is the last one – work it out at home. I have ordered ABBA: You Can Dance (Wii) from Amazon at a bargain price of £4.88 and am waiting to try it out as soon as it arrives.

This is my entry into Get Fit Feel Epic competition from Moneysupermarket.com hosted by Mum Reinvented.