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Getting ready for Christmas

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I cannot believe how quickly two weeks has gone by. I remembered I had my nails painted and my hair plaited not long ago as part of my #getgroovingchallenge and now I am back to my normal self, meaning not making much effort at all in how I look and feel. Part of me feel glad Kate’s #groovingmums is there to remind me how easily I get caught up making baby purée and changing nappies, I forget about just being me.

1) I have a Christmas Cracker party coming up this Friday, where we are suppose to dress formal. I am going to spare an hour for myself to get ready instead of just appear undone in the party. I am going to curl my hair at least as well as wear my long forgotten heels.

2) I have a voucher for an express manicure and I am going to use it somehow by asking for an hour of baby-sitting from my OH.

3) It is almost time to send off Christmas Card to family and friends. (And buy present for a friend who always care so much about me. I want to give something back.)

4) I have an idea about scanning my mum’s old photo as part of my #groovingmums effort. My mum in her late twenties was certainly much more trendy in her time than I am now in mine. She used to wear matching handbags and heels! It might be a bit OTT to wear matching items in today’s fashion, but it could motivate me maybe? (Mum, if you read this, could you please remind me about scanning your old photos.)

Kate’s question What health aims do you have for the New Year?
Keep flossing my teeth, make an effort to include fruits and veg in my every day’s meal, stay active and keep grooving.

That’s it for now.

Update 08/12:

20121208-112519 AM.jpg

(I did curl my hair and wear my heel as well as painted some glitters on my nails! Note to self: Must do this more often and get a pair of black colour heels to wear with black tights in future.)


You only got to Touch, Look and Check

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Have you touch, look and check yours?

It is more than a lump. There are five signs to look out for.

20121019-103141 AM.jpg
Image sourced from breast cancer breakthrough.

my own experience

Last year I found a little pimple-like stuff on my nipple and was really worried. I took some courage to ring up my surgery to make an appointment to see the GP. I asked to see a female GP, telling the receptionist that it was about some unusual growth on my nipple and I got to see a female GP!

After the examination, which only took few minutes, the GP told me not to be worry as it was only a skin tag. Thinking back, I was doing some training to run the Cardiff half marathon, so that might be why I got the skin tag. Constant rubbing between the fabric and nipple due to repeated running movement, hence the skin tag.

See, all you need is some courage, a phone call and 20 minutes to get anything unusual on your breast checked. Of course, if it is nothing to be worried about, you could have peace of mind. On the other hand, if it is something that should be addressed, you have done the best you can do by finding out earlier and improving the prognosis. Because, the earlier you find out, the better the chances breast cancer gets treated.

Breast cancer awareness images found on Pinterest.

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Finding breast cancer early could save your life. Know the signs, text TLC to 84424* for your free handy TLC guide from Breakthrough Breast Cancer, or register at
*Standard networks apply